Over thirty years on, from hand punched stencils to laser systems & online services.

Since 1982, when the originally named Retainacar company was founded, we have grown to become the market leading supplier of security marking and registration systems for deterring theft of vehicles and other valuable assets, aiding recovery, helping to identify criminals and combating fraudulent activity such as cloning.

We have tailored our unique security system to suit customers' specific requirements in Europe and other parts of the world. Currently 18% of all new vehicles sold in the UK are provided with our system as original equipment by 13 vehicle manufacturers.

As a result of close collaboration with our customer base and with police forces throughout the country, we have developed state of the art marking technologies and a highly secure register and verification service that has set the bench mark for all those concerned with reducing vehicle and property crime.

Vehicle protection

"With the introduction of web based services such as ISRCODECHECK, Retainagroup now has the ability to provide customised, on-line, 24/7, totally secure data registration and verification services economically and effectively to anywhere in the world."
The potential to reduce vehicle and property crime on a worldwide basis is enormous.
"We are constantly working to build sustainable partnerships across the private and public sectors, both in the UK and abroad, in order to enhance the services and products Retainagroup can offer. If you are looking for innovative, cost effective solutions to prevent vehicle and valuable asset crime please call 01233 504162."

Wendy Rowe
Founder and Chairman
Retainagroup Limited

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Our products and the ISR are fully accredited to the appropriate Standards. Please click here to visit our Accreditation section.
If you are looking for innovative, cost effective solutions to deter and detect crime please call us on + 44 (0)1233 504162 or email general.sales@retainagroup.com